The unique French taste!


Some feedbacks from Facebook about Crêpe and Cake:


"The Nutella crepes are awesome! and the canelé are to die for!!!

Definitely a must try!"


"I finally got my dates right and made it to the MG Farmers market 

OMG!! The Nutella crepe was DELISH and the canelé was magnifique (plus I got one free just for being a fan) ooh la la!"


"I'm addicted to them!" 


"Just had your delicious Nutella crepe at Maple Grove Farmers Market. Oh, my!!"


"Yeah, the good french crepes!!!!"


"Today I was at the farmer market in maple Grove. So yummy. Thank you!"


"Will you be at the Maple Grove Farmers Market today?! I've been craving it for weeks now!"


Let The MN Crepe lady host your special party: business lunch, School event, birthday, wedding, graduation, etc.